Shaping the Future of Molecular PET Imaging

FluoroPharma (FPMI) is developing breakthrough molecular imaging agents for positron emission tomography (PET) which will fulfill critical unmet medical needs. The company’s agents will give clinicians important tools for the detection and assessment of pathology before clinical manifestation of diseases.

Recent Events - FluoroPharma and Molecular Imaging News

Thijs Spoor presented at the Noble Financial Capital Markets' Tenth Annual Equity Conference on January 20, 2014. To listen to the webcast, click here.


This imaging agent exploits the dietary needs of the heart as it relates to glucose and fatty acids. By introducing a radio-labeled analog to the natural fatty acids utilized as an energy source by the heart we can visualize the anatomic location and state of the muscle within the areas defined by the specific coronary artery blood flow distribution and detect problems in advance of symptoms that would lead to a stress test.


By recognizing the electrical charge of the myocardial cell walls this imaging agent allows a view into the blood flow of the heart. It identifies tissue with perfusion as well as mitochondrial integrity of the cells - a strong indicator for cell viability.


By targeting active molecule receptors associated with inflammatory conditions this imaging agent allows us to visualize areas in the blood vessels that may potentially initiate thrombosis and embolism.


This imaging agent specifically seeks out and attaches to amyloid deposits in the brain. The following PET scan reveals the areas where amyloid plaque has deposited and allows for the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease.