FluoroPharma’s technology consists of novel molecular PET agents for the oncology and cardiovascular molecular imaging arenas. The Company actively pursues opportunities to license new PET technologies from individuals and institutions.


The most advanced program in the portfolio is a result of collaborative efforts with Ground Fluor Pharmaceuticals. Inc. (GFP); a niche pharmaceutical company which has developed innovative chemical methods to produce radiopharmaceuticals for medical SPECT and PET imaging and therapy.

GFP products have been invented, patented, and produced for the research market and are now the subject of FDA approved IND's for human use. The technology is protected by a robust patent portfolio via exclusive world-wide licenses from the University of Nebraska and Massachusetts General Hospital.

FluoroPharma has acquired an exclusive option to license GFP's lead compound, [F-18] MFBG, a fluorine-labeled benzylguanidine derivative currently under a Phase I/II investigation in pediatric neuroblastoma and pheochromocytoma. A pivotal Phase III clinical trial for a New Drug Application was submitted to the IND in 2018 and has been deemed Safe to Proceed by FDA.


Reference: Adapted from Pandit-Taskar et al, J Nucl Med 2018; 59:147-153


FPMI has a significant interest in the area of cardiology where our two agents, CardioPET and BFPET, have been designed to rapidly target the myocardial cells within the heart to evaluate the mechanisms that produce atherosclerosis and ischemic heart disease.

FluoroPharma's proprietary molecules labeled with the radioactive isotope of fluorine [18F] combined with positron emission tomography (PET) scanning provide non-invasive, highly specific and efficient assessment of the patency of coronary arteries, heart metabolism and physiology.

FluoroPharma's cardiovascular technology platform was developed by scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

The company has forty issued worldwide patents in addition to strong international protection for both CardioPET and BFPET.